MERMAID OFFICE RELOCATES – we’re getting even better!

As part of our continued efforts to provide all customers with the best products and service: we are excited to confirm our sales office is relocating to be alongside our manufacturing and logistics facilities.  

This means that the Sales Office will move shortly to be within our production and logistics facilities during November 2019.  This is a most positive move as it links our sales office directly to our manufacturing and warehouse within the same building.

This integration is specifically aimed at maintaining our already excellent service to all customers as we create more local links with our state-of-the-art modern logistics facilities. 

We’re expecting a seamless transition with the support of key staff to ensure the move is positive for everyone both short and long term. 

There will be no change to our contact email, fax or telephone lines.  All methods of contact remain exactly as you know and love them!

Our sales management team continues to support you closely locally and will be happy to help you further as the transition completes.

Thank you for your continued support, we continue to provide you with the market leading products and services and look forward to developing our relationship in the future. 

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