New website, award winning brochure, and more!

This is our first monthly Mermaid Newsletter, we hope you find it interesting, we’ve tried to keep brief to ensure we don’t take too much of your time.

New Website

The recent launch of our new, highly anticipated website is packed with new information and valuable resources. Navigate through the product section where you can drill-down to the most detailed product data of any website in the industry. There is a new colour selector section to assist browsers to select a colour easily and aid with the design of their bathroom.
If you want to find the nearest Mermaid dealer we have simplified the process and included the ability to personalise dealer information so that users can obtain a greater understanding of history, display details, and other unique selling characteristics of the dealer. (We do hope that this will evolve over time so any information from our dealers would be greatly appreciated).

Award Winning Brochure

The launch of the award winning hard back book brochure in 2012 will be developed further with a revision to be printed this month. The new brochure will include further colour information (most importantly including new colours and decors), environmental information, and also increased product details to assist with selection.
Email us at for a copy.

Installation DVD and Weblink

We recognise that fitting instructions can sometimes be awkward and difficult to read, so we have developed an easy to understand ‘step by step’ installation DVD which shall also be available to download from our website.This will be available from March 2013 so please do feel free to ask for your copy, or for even quicker access, please ask for the weblinks.

New Products & Designs

Further to the launch of our market leading designs in 2012 we are really excited to confirm that further enhancements to the range will be made in 2013.
Mermaid will launch a solid surface shower panel system which will match the vanity unit portfolio already offered. In addition, we will be launching several new aspirational laminate decors accompanied by a unique vinyl floor profile system, which will be the only system on the market place for this application.

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