Installation Guide 

Step-by-step instructions, including required materials, preparation, application, installation, care and maintenance.

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What is Mermaid?

Answer: Mermaid is an innovative panel system for wet applications, such as tub and shower walls, Unlike tile and grout, Mermaid panels don't need to be sealed, are easy to clean, and are offered in a number of beautiful designs.


Why Mermaid?

Answer: Mermaid makes it easier than ever to provide consumer driven designs in a water-proof solution that is functionally beautiful, quick and easy to install, and offers the look of luxury at an economical price. EASY installation. EASIER maintenance.


What material are Mermaid panels made of?

Answer: Patented wall panel system consisting of two panels made of High Pressure Decorative Laminate bonded to a water-proof core (Wood Plastic Composite; WPC). Panels can feature a flat edge, tongue/groove edge, and a decorative bullnose edge.



What tub/shower configurations can Mermaid be used for?

Answer: Alcove baths/showers in 60x32x72, 60x32x96, 60x36x72, 60x36x96, 36x36x96, 48x36x96.


Can Mermaid be used on the floor?

Answer: No, Mermaid is designed for wall applications.



How thick is a Mermaid panel?

Answer: 11mm or approx. 0.43 in.



How much does a Mermaid panel weigh?

Answer: Our lightweight patented panels are approx. 1.65 lb/sq.ft. A standard 4-panel kit will weigh approximately 105 lbs.



How long does it take to install Mermaid panels?


Answer: An average of 2.5 hours for a tub/shower surround.


 What kinds of backer board materials can be used with Mermaid?

Answer: Gypsum board (sheetrock), moisture-resistant gypsum board (“greenboard”), cement, or concrete board or tile. Do not attach directly to studs.



Can the panels be installed over tile?


Answer: When installing over old tile, verify that the tile is solidly adhered to walls. Any loose tiles must be removed, filled with mastic, and sanded smooth. Rough up glossy tile surfaces using belt sander with 60-grit sandpaper. Surface must be dry, smooth and free of any dust or any other contaminants. Wipe wall surfaces with a damp cloth and allow to dry. Although wing wall panels are postformed for a clean finish, you will need to take into consideration both the edge of the tile and the Mermaid panels.


What tools are needed to install Mermaid?

Answer: Pencil, Tape Measure, Drill, Heavy-duty Caulking Gun, Hole Saw, Level, Circular Saw with a fine tooth blade, Square, Chalk-Line, Heavy-duty Suction Cups, Router, Denatured Alcohol, 1/8” Wooden Shims.


Can Mermaid panels be cut?

Answer: Yes, Mermaid panels can be cut with standard woodworking tools including a circular saw with a fine tooth saw blade (60 teeth or more). Any cuts made to the panels must be made with the decorative side facing up to prevent damage or chatter to the decorative side.


What type of adhesive should I use to install Mermaid panels?

Answer: Wilsonart® Adhesive and Panel Adhesive are provided in kits, and for sale in case quantities.


What should I use to clean Mermaid panels?

Answer: Often, warm soapy water and a sponge will be adequate for regular maintenance. Common household, non-abrasive cleaners like Tilex®, Fantastik®, and Windex® can be used with a soft sponge or cloth. With all cleaners, rinse immediately.